OBSENTUM perfumery – Baneasa Shopping City

OBSENTUM perfumery – Baneasa Shopping City

The Obsentum brand, as a niche fragrances retailer, proposes, through its shop in Baneasa Shopping City, a unique shopping experience. These scents, through their ingredients and by the means of their olfactive structure, end up being products with a very strong personality. In order to understand them, the shopper needs a space where he is totally engaged in this olfactory realm. The observable environment is enhanced by the presence of an assisted shopping service, so the sensory experience can be enhanced by the story behind the products and their maker.

The given task was to design a luxurious space which reflects the complex character of the products by using a modern stylistic vocabulary, without resorting to the classicist style with which luxury is usually associated.

The perimetral walls have been fitted with a series of modern pilasters, plated with brass, which was manually aged in order to give it a lush texture. These slim, vertical elements form niche-like spaces to separate the different perfume houses. The pilasters, along with the perimetral mirrored ceiling, dissolve the physical boundaries of the rooms, creating the impression of a much higher space and accentuating the monumental atmosphere. Another remarkable element is the linear chandelier which adds to the exclusivist character of the boutique and directs the attention towards the vanishing point. This is accentuated by the video-wall which, by means of its dynamics and dimensions, encourages and lures the shopper towards the final room of the retail space.

One of the more challenging aspects of the project, was finding a balance between the Obsentum brand identity elements and the ones belonging to the individual artisanal perfume houses. The vendors usually display their products on custom furnishing, but in this case the design lines of the different fragrance houses were harmoniously combined with the Obsentum character to create a balanced atmosphere.

  • Location Baneasa Shopping City, Bucharest
  • Authors Radu Rusu, Adrian Rosca, Dorin Popescu, Elena Moisesc
  • Year 2018
  • GFA 192 sqm
  • Photo Cosmin Dragomir